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About the Expo

Continuously on stage since 2022 with increasing success record, the “Asia International Hemp Expo & Forum” is a true business platform for HEMP industry in Asia.


The “Asia International Hemp Expo and Forum 2024” is Thailand’s only trade exhibition for hemp industry. This expo is the third edition under theme of “Hemp Inspires”. The expo is scheduled on 27-30 November 2024 at 2-3 Hall, G floor, Queen Sirikit National Convention Center (QSNCC), Bangkok, Thailand. The show will showcase the latest in cutting-edge hemp technology, materials and equipment for planting, extracting and processing, with the aim of facilitating the establishment of production bases in Thailand.


The Real HEMP Community
Has Commenced Here in 2023

The hemp community in the East is waiting for global hemp stakeholders at the expo. Together, we will create a better hemp industry.

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Mr. Rain Chan

An expert in Marketing Manager

TrolMaster Agro Instruments Co., Ltd.


Economic Plant Market in Asia Booming, Creating Stable Income Opportunities for Farmers and Entrepreneurs. Stealth Garden (THAILAND), a leading provider of comprehensive economic plant cultivation solutions, is committed to being a driving force in Thailand's economic plant industry. With its strategic approach and unique strengths, the company caters to the needs of all types of growers.

Khun Sirinard Kitlipaporn, Co-Founder of Stealth Garden (THAILAND), a company that provides comprehensive an economic crops cultivation solutions, observes the rapid growth of the economic crops market. She remarks, "Since an economic crops plants were declassified from prohibited crops, people have become more interested" This allows Stealth Garden to cater to the needs of an economic crops growers by providing everything from seeds and planting equipment to harvesting tools, making it easy for growers to start their economic crops ventures.


Meet Stealth Garden (THAILAND) at the “Asia International Hemp Expo & Forum 2024”, Asia's largest economic plant trade show and knowledge exchange platform. Discover cutting-edge technology, comprehensive solutions, and connect with leading entrepreneurs and farmers from across Asia.

Unveiling Strategies and Highlights to Empower All Types of Economic Plant Growers. A Quote with TROLMASTER AGRO INSTRUMENTS CO., LTD.: Experts in Smart Environmental Control Systems


Mr. Rain Chan, an expert in smart environmental control systems from TrolMaster, states, "The economic plant market in Asia is expanding rapidly. With this opportunity, TrolMaster, a leading company in smart environmental control systems, presents a system for cultivating economic plants." TrolMaster's system integrates with the ThinkGrow lighting system, enabling farmers to precisely control temperature, humidity, light, and other factors, positively impacting the growth and yield of economic plants.


Meet TrolMaster Agro Instruments Co., Ltd. at the “Asia International Hemp Expo & Forum 2024”, a platform where entrepreneurs, farmers, and economic plant enthusiasts from across Asia gather to learn, exchange ideas, and create new business opportunities.

Khun Sirinard Kitlipaporn

An expert in Marketing Manager

Co-Founder of Stealth Garden (THAILAND)

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