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Explore the new horizon and be inspired by new hemp possibilities at the International Hemp Forum on "Hemp for Change." This year, we are excited to bring together over 30 renowned speakers from around the world who are ready to make a meaningful contribution to the global hemp community especially on World’s regulation updates, Market penetration and Advertising techniques.


Join us on November 22nd and 23rd, 2023, for an event that promises to expand your knowledge, foster connections, and drive positive change in the hemp industry.




  • Meet face-to-face with entrepreneurs from all hemp-related industries from cultivation to finished product, globally, who are ready to share their latest innovations and knowhow to leverage your hemp opportunities.

  • Keep abreast of current rules and regulations in Asian and Global hemp industry to get on the fast track towards your business possibilities

  • Create the “B2B Hemp Community” to share useful education to the public for their right understanding and usage of hemp in the business and industrial level.

  • Obtain in-depth information on trends and alternative ways of investment in the hemp industry.

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