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Asia’s International Hemp Grower Championship

for Medical (TIHTA Cup 2024)


Principles and Rationale

Cannabis (Hemp) have long played significant roles in many countries around the world. Every part of cannabis plants can be utilized. The global market for hemp and cannabis products are expected to grow exponentially. Additionally, the United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs has reviewed and removed CBD, a major component found in hemp, from the list of controlled narcotic substances.


Since 2018, Thailand has begun to drive policies and promote cannabis (hemp) as economic crops. Efforts have been made to extract important substances from cannabis for use in medical treatments, overseen by the Ministry of Public Health in collaboration with government agencies, hospitals, educational institutions, and research organizations.


By the end of 2020, further steps were taken to partially deregulate hemp and cannabis to allow for greater commercial and industrial use. This has led to the creation of a supply chain encompassing upstream, midstream, and downstream sectors of the hemp and cannabis economy. Additionally, it has attracted international interest due to the outstanding properties of these plants in medical, economic, social, and environmental aspects.


  With Thailand's agricultural potential and existing resources, the country can further develop and enhance the cultivation of hemp and cannabis as economic crops to meet high cultivation standards. Furthermore, there is potential to utilize cannabis (hemp) for greater economic, health, and industrial benefits, thus increasing the country's economic value. Emphasizing the creation of high-quality, internationally standardized cultivation practices will pave the way for resources in the pharmaceutical and medical industries. This sector is one of the New S-Curve target industries that Thailand is actively promoting.


Recent research has shown that high-quality extracts from cannabis(hemp) can improve quality of life and provide alternative medical treatments for various diseases. For example, research has demonstrated their effectiveness in treating cancer patients and those with neurological disorders such as Epilepsy, Parkinson's, and Alzheimer's, as well as insomnia. These benefits highlight the potential of these new economic crops, which are accessible to Thai farmers. Consequently, Thailand can position itself as a leading cultivator of hemp and cannabis for the global medical and health industries.


Furthermore, cannabis (hemp) holds significance environmental potential, a topic of global interest. Hemp fibers can be used as raw materials in various future-oriented industries that prioritize reducing environmental impact, such as furniture, lifestyle products, fashion, food, automotive parts, and construction materials.


To advocate for hemp and cannabis as high-quality, standardized economic crops with benefits for health, medicine, community wellness, and environmental sustainability in Thailand, the Thai Industrial Hemp Trade Association, in collaboration with N.C.C. Exhibition Organizer Co., Ltd. and the Department of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine, recognizes the importance of creating opportunities and disseminating knowledge. This includes sharing cultivation and harvesting techniques through the experiences of growers in different regions. Consequently, we are organizing the first hemp and cannabis growing competition, "The First Asia’s International HEMP Grower Championship 2024," also known as the TIHTA Cup 2024.


This event will be featured within the "Asia International HEMP Expo 2024," a showcase centered on hemp-related technology, innovation, and product offerings. Also hosting an international seminar, this expo marks its third consecutive year. The objective is to promote high-quality and standardized cultivation methods while presenting international opportunities for upstream agricultural practices.



  1. To promote skilled and capable growers who can produce high-quality and standardized crops, given that hemp and cannabis require meticulous care and various steps until the harvest stage.

  2. To emphasize cultivation for medical purposes and facilitate the transfer to the Department of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine or the industrial sector for lawful medical use, thereby enhancing public awareness and acceptance.

  3. To support high-standard safe agriculture by promoting medical-grade cultivation, ensuring the production of clean, safe, and high-standard products, thus contributing valuable knowledge to the industry.

  4. To encourage the cultivation of Thai strains (Growers Choices), allowing breeders to grow and register their strains, thereby advancing the knowledge and expertise within Thailand's hemp and cannabis industry.


Target Groups

The upstream growers (farmers) for this project are:

  1. Community enterprises

  2. Independent growers

  3. Students or researchers


Project Duration

June 2024 – November 2024



  1. CBD Category: Strain "Super Woman" (Seeds provided by the organizers)

  2. Grower Choice - THC: Thai or Commercial strains (Grower’s Choice)



  1. Announce the contest guidelines and open for applications.

  2. Prepare and send the seeds to contestants (5 seeds per contestant)

  3. Contestants start seed germination within 3 days.

  4. Contestants must submit progress reports every two weeks, including photos and dates, via the organizer's official Line account, using the provided form.
    *Contestants failing to submit on schedule will be disqualified. *

  5. Judging will consider the entire process, from seeding to harvest, within 100-120 days.

  6. Contestants must send 100 grams of dried flowers that meet the specifications (appearance, packaging, moisture content) to the organizer by October 22, 2024, also including strain information (for Grower's Choice) and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) from seeding to harvesting."
    *Contestants failing to send on schedule will be disqualified. *

  7. The committee conducts quality checks on dried flower through physical testing as part of the screening process.

  8. The committee sends dried flowers that pass the screening to chemical testing through a network of laboratories accredited with ISO 17025 standards for hemp and cannabis analysis.

  9. The committee receives the test results for evaluation based on the competition criteria.

  10. The final 10 contestants in each category will be announced on Monday, November 18, 2024.

  11. The finalists in each category will get the opportunity for business negotiations (Business Matching) and marketing purposes, also produce a 2-minute promotional video introducing themselves and their plants, to be presented on stage. (Smoking is not allowed on the stage)

  12. Winners will be announced on Wednesday, November 27 2024 during the Asia International Hemp Expo 2024 at the Sirikit National Convention Center.
    *The organiser reserves the right to consider publishing the video (VDO) through various public channels*


Criteria for Judging

  1. Contestants must submit progress reports every 2 weeks during the 1st and 3rd weeks of each month.  Failure to submit progress reports on time will result in immediate disqualification.

  2. Dried flowers must be delivered to the organizer by the deadline of October 22, 2024. Failure to meet this deadline will result in immediate disqualification.

  3. Contestants must provide dried flowers weighing no less than 100 grams.

Application Documents

  • Registration form

  • National ID card or passport

  • Information from the "Plook Ganja" application, attached to the registration form

  • Proof of payment 7,500 Baht



1. CBD Category - Super Woman Strain (Seeds provided by the organizer)

  • Grand Prize 25,000 Baht

  • First Runner-Up  15,000 Baht

  • Second Runner-Up 10,000 Baht

The winner will receive a certificate, trophy, and have their work featured in media outlets in America and Europe.


2. Grower Choice Category - Thai Strain THC (Grower’s Seeds)

  • Grand Prize 25,000 Baht

  • First Runner-Up 15,000 Baht

  • Second Runner-Up  10,000 Baht

The winner will receive a certificate, trophy, and have their work featured in media outlets in America and Europe.


Additional benefits for the final 10 contestants and winners

  1. Exhibition space at the Hall of Fame throughout the Asia International Hemp Expo 2024.

  2. Analysis results by a laboratory accredited to ISO:17025 standards.

  3. Opportunity to present flowers and SOPs on the stage at the Asia International Hemp Expo 2024.

  4. Business matching opportunities to explore potential partnerships.


The competition is organized by:

  • Department of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine, Ministry of Public Health.

  • Thai Industrial Hemp Trade Association

  • NCC Exhibition Organizer Co., Ltd.

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