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Fine Bio Technology Company Limited


Hemp, Cannabis, and Hemp Derivatives



Fine Bio Technology



Fine Bio Technology's CBD Distillate and Isolate exhibit excellent purity, confirmed through third-party testing. Their consistency and potency result from rigorous quality control measures, and they originate from organically cultivated hemp and cannabis plants. These products ensure legal compliance, offer customization for various applications, and prioritize ethical sourcing. Fine Bio Technology's commitment to transparency, sustainability, and quality guarantees reliable, high-quality CBD extracts for diverse industries.


Type of product or service: 

Cosmetics / เครื่องสำอางที่มีส่วนผลิตจากกัญชง


Please specify the product type:

raw material (CBD distillate and CBD isolate)


Advantages of product:

Premium CBD extracts, private label solutions, and extraction services, all rooted in innovation and sustainable practices, with a focus on collaboration, compliance, and comprehensive expertise.


Industries & Business targeted:

Pet food/snack/supplement, cosmetics, supplements


Brand’s Country of Origin:



Company profile:

Fine Bio Technology Company Limited is a leading hemp and cannabis company based in Chiang Mai, Thailand, with a strong pharmaceutical background. They excel as a vertically integrated grower, CBD extract specialist, and provider of private and white label OEM solutions. With a commitment to quality, they offer a range of premium CBD distillate and isolate products, while also extending their expertise through extraction services for hemp and cannabis growers. Fine Bio Technology's innovative approach, rooted in nature and biotechnology, makes them a standout presence in the industry, dedicated to excellence and collaboration.


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