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Wingrow WIN1000W LED Grow Light Bar

MODEL : Win1000

Wingrow is a full spectrum and durable grow bar design, specially designed for cannabis growing indoors, hanging top lighting with vertical multi-layer shelves, grow tents, or greenhouse, anywhere you need a good lighting solution. With the switches of UV/IR, enhance the yield at 30% above. Clip in & out' Design - Extremely easy to transport and install with the lowest maintenance cost.

exhibitor product

Sundro S700 LED Grow Light Bar

MODEL : S700

Sundro LED Horticultural Light Bar is the latest trend and most popular for its smart design and ease of use, with the light efficacy of 2.8 μmol/j, it is a perfect top-lighting solution for commercial horticulture cultivation, or a full-cycle top-lighting solution for home hobbyists cultivating.

exhibitor product

SunPar SP800 foldable led grow light


SunPAR LED Grow Light uses foldable robust design and delivers uniform amount of light over the canopy. This grow light is specifically designed for shelve or rack mounting application. Remote mounting driver allows to dissipate heat faster. The fixture had on-board dimming function as well as easily daisy chain for dimming.

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